A Success Story

Anna is a 23-year-old Russian female. Three years ago she entered the United States as a participant of “Work and Travel” program for undergraduate students. Working at a store in Seattle, WA, she met her future husband, Mr.”K”. Mr.”K” was 20 years older than Anna. He impressed her as a caring, wise and accomplished man. He told her he fell in love with her and wanted to marry her. Anna moved in with him. Three months later the couple got married. Anna was very happy. They lived in Mr.”K” house in Magnolia area of Seattle, WA. Soon after they married Mr.”K” started abusing his wife by using coercion, threats, and intimidation: making her afraid for her safety, hitting her, causing extreme bruising to her face, grabbing her by her throat, choking her, dragging her outside their house, and pushing her on to the ground. Mr.”K” made Anna work for his business without pay. He took away his wife’s documents, so she won’t run away. Also, he took her cell phone and restricted her internet use.

Anna left her husband after she saw an ad about our agency in a newspaper. She came to EECC homeless, penniless, without documents, and severely depressed. We found a place for Anna to stay. She received mental health treatment through our program for victims of domestic violence that included therapy as well as psychiatric services. Her legal problems were solved on pro bono basis by one of the attorneys, members of our collaboration network. She divorced her husband, returned her documents. At present Anna is employed, her depression symptoms improved (GAF score changed from 45 to 79), she rents her own place, and she has a status of permanent residency in the United States.

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