Eastern European Counseling Center (EECC) is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization founded in 2008. We provide behavioral health services to people from Eastern European and post-soviet area countries in the State of Washington. These services are available FREE of charge to low-income members of our community and offered in English, Russian, Ukrainian and Romanian languages. Interpreters are available for other languages. The mission of our organization is to empower immigrants and refugees from Eastern Europe to become active members of the American society by helping integrate into their new life through our culturally competent multi-language behavioral health services.

eecc-lanaLana Polinger – Clinical Director is M.A, Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Marriage & Family Therapist. With over 25 years of experience working with the Eastern European Community, she works with clients in a practical, action-oriented approach to finding solutions. She uses a variety of positive and effective methods that focus on the relationship between one’s thinking, emotions and behaviors? Lana’s focus is to help clients identify, challenge, and replace their self-defeating beliefs and behaviors that cause emotional pain, and to assist them in developing new problem solving and relationship skills.

eecc-AnnaAnna Cherkasov – Operations Manager has BA in Finance from the University of Washington and is a founder of Alice Wonder Marketing. She is a seasoned business professional with over 15 years of experience. Over the years, she was actively involved in the life of Eastern European community in WA. She co-founded Russian World newspaper, the largest Russian language publication in our state and organized many community events. By closely interacting with this immigrants and refugees in need, she understood a necessity for a non-profit behavioral health agency.


Our Board of Directors includes well known business and financial professionals and medical and behavioral health providers who are well respected by the Eastern European community. Our board and staff make-up reflects the constituency with whom we are working. We are diverse racially (Caucasian and Asian members) and ethnically (Russian, Armenian, Ukrainian, Jewish, Chinese, and Lithuanian members). All our staff and board members are educated professional and belong to middle class. However, 44% of them lived below the poverty line sometime within the last 15 years.

All members of our board and staff are culturally competent and/or fluent in Eastern European languages. Most of us are first generation refugees and immigrants who experienced difficulties of integration into the American life first hand.