Claudia Balducci

Eastern European Counseling Center is proud to endorse Claudia Balducci for Metropolitan King County Council!

As the Mayor of Bellevue and mom to her adopted Russian son, Victor, Claudia has worked hard to make the community a better place for all of its Eastern European residents.

Claudia is a born problem solver. She first got her start in Bellevue social services by wanting to work on her emptying neighborhood shopping center. Working on small neighborhood projects led her to realize that there was so much she could do to improve people’s quality of life. She went on to become the Director of the King County Jail and a Sound Transit Board Member, eventually winning the Bellevue mayoral election.

Seven years ago, Claudia adopted her 9-year-old son Victor from Kazakhstan, who struggled with a number of developmental issues. It was then that Claudia realized how vital the services EECC provides are. “It’s incredibly important to have an organization that provides immigration help with a cultural understanding. We have many people from different parts of the world here with different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Bellevue needs to acknowledge and support them as a community.”
Elections end this November 3rd, so start filling your ballot in now!

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