Let’s help Irene Aminov’s family!

Irene left behind many that loved her, but most importantly her 3 young children who are now without a mother, and a loving husband without a wife. It is heartbreaking to think of the journey ahead for this family.

As the family mourns, lets all come together and help them financially. Anything will help…share and spread the word.

All funds will go directly to the family of three beautiful children. A trust is being set up now, but it is hard right now as the father is dealing with a loss.

In 2013 Irene was 32 when she was diagnosed with stage 4-breast cancer and the doctors gave her 6-month to live. She had the will power to live and we all tried to make it as easy as possible for her. At that time my brother Efray and Irene already had 3 children (Nathan 5 years old, Avi 3 years old and Sara 2 years old). Irene wanted to do everything that was in her power to survive so she can see her children grow up. Efray was by her side every minute of it.

After the diagnoses of stage 4-breast cancer Irene went threw many surgeries, blood transfusion, chemo treatments and radiations. The recovery was long and painful for her and all of our family.

She was a very radiant, happy, outgoing, strong and very energetic person. She was a stay at home mom who loved to do many fun activities with her children, when Efray would take time off of work they loved going to the great wolf lodge, parades, shows, events, beaches and etc. They had the best time traveling together as a family.

As kids became older Irenes health deteriorate. Even when she wasn’t feeling well she still wanted to spend time with the children and make sure that they are happy and that they are having a great time at school and at home.

As time went by Irene’s health became worse. As Irene became weaker she started using a walker to help her with walking support and even then she did not want any help from others and she wanted to do everything on her own. As time went by Irenes bones became weak to the point that Efray had to carry her.

She fought hard and long for 3 years and 1 month. On Thursday may 12th 2016 I got a call that said Irene was taken into the ICU because she had a hard time breathing. The doctors called my brother and told him that he needs to rush to the hospital. By the time my brother got to the hospital the doctors said that Irene only have about 20 minutes to live. As my brother was sitting there holding her hand, Irene’s heart stopped beating at 2:37pm. She died in the arms of her loving husband. This was the day Irene was suppose to be discharged from the hospital to come home and spend her last weeks with the children, but she did not get that chance.

As hard as it was for Efray to let his wife go at the hospital, he was about to face a harder test. He had to tell the children that their mother is gone, and she is never coming back. By the time Irene passed away the kids had grown older (Nathan is 8 years old, Avi is 6 years old and Sara is 5 years old), but they ask about their mama (in a crying voice) everyday.

Irene left us too soon, she didn’t get to see her children grow up and she didn’t get to grow old with Efray.

The last 6 month became the hardest month for Efray, the kids and our family.

As we mourn for my sister in law, daughter, mother and wife we ask you to find in your heart to support my brother and his 3 young children as life has become extremely hard for him and his children in this hard journey in front of them.