Two days ago a 39 year old woman died suddenly of an aneurysm wile walking her dog in the park. It happened in front of her 10 year old daughter. She was a single mother…

At EECC, we want to raise money for her funeral and other expenses associated with with this horrible event. Funeral will take place in Moscow on Tuesday.

This is a story that Arina Temple wrote about her childhood friend.

Yesterday I have lost my oldest and dearest friend Anastasia. She was just 3 weeks away from turning 40 years old . Anastasia left behind a 10 year old daughter Alexandra, her elderly father who is in the very bad medical shape, and a small puppy that her daughter just got as a gift.

Anastasia was in the good health and what had happened was completely unexpected. Her daughter and their small puppy went to the neighborhood park for a walk. She went chasing after the puppy, fell down and died.

What makes it so hard to understand and comprehend is that there were no hints of trouble.

Anastasia was a very bright, caring, kind, articulate, funny, and goofy person who lived for her little daughter. Two of them were always together going to theaters, museums, parks, making arts and crafts. Stasia wanted to show the world to her daughter, teach her everything she knew and see her grow up, but it was not meant to be.

She didn’t have any savings. She was a single mom working from home. There are a lot of expenses associated with funeral and expenses of moving her daughter to Ukraine where her father lives. There are no money to take care of her sick father who has dementia. He lived in the apartment with Stasia. They had nurse come during the day, and Anastaisa took care of him at night.

It’s an incredibly sad story. Any financial help is greatly appreciate.

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