Let’s help Elizaveta Kitova!

Elizaveta Kitova is loving, smart, and beautiful woman. Always working hard for others, Elizaveta used to work as a hairdresser and caregiver. Unfortunately, she is now unable to work due to her Stage 3 cancer treatment.

Stage 3 cancer is a regional spread of the cancer. The cancer spreads throughout the general region it originally began in, but has not moved to other parts of the body yet.

Elizaveta is currently going through chemotherapy treatment. It has taken a drastic toll on her body and her life. Every two weeks, she spends three full days receiving 12oz of chemotherapy.

Every day her poor state of health continues to remain the same. Elizaveta’s body may only begin to feel better when the chemotherapy treatment ends.
Because of the chemotherapy, Elizaveta finds herself in a very disabling and vulnerable position.
Her hands and feet have lost most of their mobility and her fingers cannot bend. Her body temperature is always changing from extremely high to extremely low, and consistent fevers leave her feeling constantly cold and shivery. Nausea takes over her body multiple times a day.

Elizaveta’s occupations require full use of her hands and feet. She can no longer cut or style hair and she cannot provide living assistance to the elderly. Until her chemotherapy ends, Elizaveta is unable to work.

On a day with chemotherapy, Elizaveta begins treatment at 8am in the hospital that lasts the entire day. For the rest of the week, she spends most of her time resting in bed, unable to move. The next week Elizaveta begins to feel well enough to walk, usually making a trip to the grocery store. She does not leave her home unless she needs to go to the hospital or the grocery store.
Reading, watching TV, or spending time online is generally out of the question the week after a chemotherapy treatment. Her heart rate is too high for any stimulation during this time.

Elizaveta has a 78-year-old mother and two sons who live with their own families. Everyone helps in anyway they can, but cancer treatment in the United States is notoriously expensive and unaffordable.

Stage 3 cancer is exceptionally difficult to deal with physically, emotionally, and financially.
Elizaveta Kitova has always been a very active and lively person, always working hard, always being an active member of her community, always helping everybody she could. Now she has no energy and no power to help herself. Please find it in your hearts to help this wonderful human being afford her cancer treatment. Anything helps.


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