Me and “Obamacare”

I wanted to share my story of my experience with “Obamacare” because it might help people make a lifesaving decision.

I am a single mother. For the last two years I’ve worked for a company that does not provide healthcare benefits to its employees. Making $15/hour, I have been purchasing an individual health care plan from a well-known insurance company, at a cost of approximately $260 a month. Deductible and copays were significant for my budget; therefore I tried to see my providers as rarely as possible. Last December, a letter from my insurance company informed me that starting January 1, 2014, my type of coverage would be discontinued.

With all the rumors about the Affordable Care Act (ACA), I was afraid to sign up for “Obamacare”. Finally, with the deadline approaching, I dared to make an appointment with the ACA representative. A very nice lady helped me to enroll into a full coverage plan that became active on the day of the appointment. The coverage costs me $52 a month. A week after I enrolled into ACA, I was diagnosed with a condition that required major surgery. With my new coverage, there was no copay and coinsurance. I had my surgery done at Overlake Hospital by the best doctors. I’ve quickly recovered after the surgery and am back to work now.

Lena from Redmond.

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